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Our NGO symbol is the Great Auk, a large black and white flightless bird resembling a penguin. Sadly, the Great Auk shared the destiny of many other groups of organisms and went extinct in the 19th century. The last two Great Auks were killed in 1844. Now, 160 years later, at the beginning of the new millennium, the biodiversity conservation and species protection is a common part of human activities. Still, the process of human-induced species extinctions goes on; locally, regionally and globally.

Our mission: Saving endangered species is at the core of Alka Wildlife mission. Why? Because animal populations are disappearing daily at an alarming rates. .

Our craft: Science. Research of endangered species’ ecology will help us identify major threats to the species’ survival and develop, plan and implement efficient conservation measures.

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Bulletin Vydra 17

New volume published. Articles about actual distribution, densities, illegal killing, road mortality, a case of cancer a...

Bulletin Vydra 16

Volume No. 16 from 2015 published online

Management plan for Saker Falcon

The Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) belongs to the most endangered regularly breeding bird species in the Czech Republic. M...

Brown coal mines: areas of primary succession species

Tawny Pipit, Northern Wheatear and Ortolan Bunting are primary succesion species. In the Czech Republic they found the s...

Measures of the Action Plan for European ground squirrel

New project on implementation of selected measures of the Action Plan of the European ground squirrel in the Southern Mo...

Distribution survey of Edible Dormouse

Project on distribution survey of Edible Dormouse (Glis glis) and its habitat requirements in the Czech Republic has sta...